Volunteering at Nakile

We thank you for your interest in Nakile's Volunteer Program. The satisfaction that comes from giving your time and energy in the service of others cannot be measured. Individuals and students who volunteer to work or visit persons living at Nakile are warm, compassionate and respectful people who are there because they want to be, not because they have to be. Persons working and living at Nakile, and their families and friends, appreciate all of the contributions that volunteers make.

Volunteers play an important role in our home - whether they are gardening, playing the piano in the lounge, or simply spending some quality one-on-one time.

You can spend a few hours a week – or a few hours a month – sharing your hobbies and interests. Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

  • Assist with recreational programs, activities, field trips and special events
  • Read an interesting story – or listen to one!
  • Assist with spiritual activities – such as Bible Study
  • Take a walk or have a game of cards
  • Assist with mending and sewing
  • Gardening and Indoor plant needs
  • Share your hobby, art, talent or craft
  • Play an instrument
  • Host a lunch group or baking group
  • Host a coffee break.
  • Assist with phone calls and virtual visits


For individuals interested in offering their time and talents for the benefit of persons living a Nakile, we offer a mandatory orientation program once an application and criminal record check is complete.

If you would like to offer some of your time and energy to Nakile, please contact the Recreation Department at 902-643-2707.