About Nakile

aboutnakilegazebo'Nakile' is a native name meaning Sunset. The name was chosen by Oscar Nauss, a local historian, to reflect the nature of the Home.

Nakile opened its doors in December 1989 and was filled to capacity in March of 1990. It has retained full occupancy since then. In 2015 a new 12-bed wing was added, bringing the total occupancy to 48 permanent beds. We recognize the special needs of the elderly population and work toward providing quality care to all persons living at Nakile.

Family and friends are encouraged to visit at any time. Visitors are encouraged to take loved ones on outings and on overnight visits if possible.

1 nakile web2 016There are four wings of 12 well-designed private and semi-private rooms with shared common areas. Each wing is equipped with a dining room and there is a guest dining room in the central area of the building.

There is a patio/gazebo off the main lounge that is wheelchair accessible to a cement walkway. A safe walkway overlooks the Argyle River and is landscaped with flower beds and sitting areas.

1 nakile web2 018A kitchenette allows people to gather and enjoy the satisfaction of supervised baking, crafts and other recreational activities.

Persons moving to Nakile are encouraged to bring their favorite belongings such as photographs, pillows, plants or quilts. Private telephone and cable television hook-up is available.

Some people have severe allergies, therefore, everyone is encouraged to be scent-free.

Nakile is a non-smoking facility.

In accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Act, Nakile Home has no compensation to disclose. Notice authorized by Kim Carroll, Administrator.