Moving Tips

1 nakile web3 009When you come to live in our home, you will discover that each room is already furnished with a single bed with rails, a three-drawer dresser and a night table. Due to limited space, we can only accommodate a single bed, small bureau and night table. However, we strongly encourage and welcome new persons to bring pictures, a small television and other such belongings to accent their living area.

(Please check with the Environmental Manager prior to attaching anything to the wall.)

Here are some common personal items to keep in mind when packing:

• A favorite chair (Upholstered chairs must have "Gold Tag Designation" for fire safety)

• A small TV or Radio

• Lamp (must have CSA or equivalent designation)

• Pictures and photographs

• Throws and pillows

• Stained glass for the window

• Guest book

• Bulletin Board - a bulletin board is a practical and attractive way to display photographs and may be brought from home

Seasonal clothing is suggested because of limited closet space. All clothing must be labeled with first name and last name to ensure safe return from the laundry department. Check with Nakile for pre-made labels. All new items should be labeled for the resident before it is used.

Items that should not be brought to Nakile include:

• Large pieces of furniture

• Extension cords

• Electrical equipment

• Over-the-counter medications

• Throw rugs or mats (may cause falls)